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Ruta’s offices are located in Dover, NJ and our warehouse is in Randolph, NJ.  We are classified as a small business, but our   productivity and professionalism are large.   Our operation is highly automated from initial research on a requested item, through its quotation, purchase, inspection, packaging, shipment and invoicing. Ruta has a modern warehouse and ships to individual bases as well as to Military Depots. Ruta’s service fills these significant needs of our major Defense partners:

OFFLOAD A HIGH VOLUME of transactions tying up staff:
Ruta identified and quoted on over 16,000 independent items to the Government in the past year. We win them and handle every aspect of Military parts supply in both urgent “one-off” orders and multiple-year Long Term Contracts. Our process uniquely combines strategic analysis of every opportunity by highly experienced marketers - to win as much as possible on behalf of our partners, with streamlined computerization eliminating unnecessary keyboard entries. This includes automatic identification of DLA, TACOM, USN, USMC and USAF opportunities, through bidding and winning them competitively, to frequently-praised superb Contract Administration and WAWF invoicing. We receive, inspect, kit, package, label and ship a vast variety of items with extremely divergent packaging requirements. Using state of the art, cradle-to-grave automation, a superb work ethic, and our highly-functional facility, Ruta’s very diverse Warehouse / Packaging personnel now routinely achieve extremely high shipment volume and productivity rates. In doing so, we handle every kind of Military packaging requirement from electrostatic packaging of very small but sophisticated electronics to large bulk crating IAW WPM Program standards.

ENSURE THE HIGHEST QUALITY AND SPEED in service performance and delivered products:
We are very proud that the stellar reputation we earned throughout our history continues today, with every level of our Government customers and Supplier partners, from VPs and Generals to their staff with whom we constantly interact daily. We have won over 20 awards and commendations (consistently dating from 1992 – 2012), including the DLA’s Blue Chip Vendor Award, Quality Vendor Award, Silver and Bronze Medalists Awards, the Outstanding Readiness Support Award for Small Business, and USA Today’s recognition for outstanding performance. In 2012, DLA Land and Maritime named Ruta the Small Business winner of their first-ever Material Cost Reduction Partner Award with estimated savings of over $1,000,000.00. Ruta’s DLA Automated Best Value Model (ABVM) supplier score – measuring both quality and delivery - for 20 years has rated among the best in Industry.  Ruta is DCMA QA approved, and all our locations and normal functions are independently certified to ISO 9001:2008.   On behalf of our authorized OEM partners, we proactively and effectively fight “pirates” and parts replicators,  who damage OEM reputations, take away their authorized business, and impede our troops with the lower quality of bogus material.

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MAXIMIZE PROFITABILITY through efficiency and trust:
Ruta reduces our partners’ administrative costs through transaction consolidation and payment speed. Our partners quote one customer, receive consolidated purchase orders, ship to just one destination, and out-source post-award administration to our highly-professional dedicated contact. We pay all invoices in less than 30 days, far faster than the Government – in fact, our partners often say we are their best payer. Further, Ruta invests strategically in our partners’ material, stocking their items to ship out faster and reduce their Inventory costs.

We leverage our ethics to increase our partners’ profit with their trust. By drop-shipping directly to Ruta from their parts’ manufacturers, our partners have saved a great deal of freight and material handling expense, knowing we would never go to their sources without their express approval to do so. That approval does happen - under our “All Makes” program with our partners’ guidance, we target highly-competitive transactions which otherwise would be lost, buy from our partners’ selected manufacturers directly, rescue Government awards with low pricing matching our low overhead burden, and then share our proceeds with our partner.



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